INSiGHT December is here!

Surrounded with loss and uncertainties, the Christmas season will be very different with many countries battling subsequent waves of COVID-19 infections, and the disruptive patterns that have become the new norm. In this climate of fear and despair, the gift of Immanuel offers us comfort, hope and reassurance that God is with us. The December issue of INSIGHT carries CWM [...]

INSiGHT October is here!

The twin issues of the pandemic and racism have been in the spotlight this year, with several countries heading into another lockdown phase as we inch towards Advent. The October issue of INSiGHT attempts to unpack and define life-flourishing communities - through the lens of our contributors. Read about Rev Dr Karen Georgia Thompson’s hope-filled reflection in seasons of life, [...]

Interfaith joint statement on “Just Economics for Liberation and Life”

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on many lives around the world, and while it is too early to comprehend the full impact of the pandemic, it is evident that this crisis is deepening the debt burden of many poor and middle-income countries. As part of the New International Financial and Economic Architecture (NIFEA) initiative, the World Council of [...]

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