Love as an act of defiance

CWM welcomes and gladly partners with the Thursdays in Black movement, with its roots in the women’s movements, peoples’ movements and ecumenical movement. At its meeting in Singapore in Feb 2019, the CWM Board reiterated its commitment to building homes, families, churches and communities free of violence through its member churches. CWM commits to making available resources in accompanying member [...]

A Pastoral Letter

The current discussion by Christian and other religious bodies, whereby consensual sexual relations between male adults is a criminal act punishable by law in 72 countries and carries the death penalty in eight, have prompted me to share with the CWM membership all over the world, something of CWM’s vision of churches as inclusive communities. I think CWM has been [...]

Healing the future: Hope for tomorrow

In 2016 Council for World Mission (CWM) chose as its Assembly theme, “Healing: Hope in Action”.   Over the years since then, we have been focusing on different aspects and expressions of that theme, believing that our prophetic and pastoral action, grounded in hope, could result in healing and peace for a bruised and broken society.  This theme culminates in 2019 [...]

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