eDARE2020: Spotlight on Asia & Pasifika

We’re less than a month away from our first eDARE conference that kicks off from Friday 30 October, till Sunday 1 November. Have you marked the dates and signed up? Spaces are filling up fast, so head over to to reserve your slot. In our eDARE update this week, we share insights on eDARE’s Asia and Pasifika panelists, including [...]

eDARE2020: Manasa Wesley Vatanitawake, Fiji Council of Churches General Secretary

In this video, Rev Manasa Wesley Vatanitawake, General Secretary of the Fiji Council of Churches spoke about the Fijian churches’ response to the pandemic, where they showed the love of Christ in providing for the needs of the afflicted. They also sat down for conversations with people in the community to share experiences and come up with solutions. Watch this [...]

International church groups launch statement calling on UN Human Rights Council to investigate rights violations in Philippines

“We will bear witness, and we will keep watch.” This was the central message of several international church organizations and institutions to the Philippine government “in light of the deteriorating situation of civil liberties and human rights” in the country. The said statement supports the recommendations of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, including recommendations from at least [...]

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