by CWM Communications Team
The Assembly

The Assembly meets every 4 years to: worship, fellowship and celebrate the members’ oneness in Christ and the members being partners in God’s mission; share members’ stories and experiences in mission; build relationships and strengthen partnership; read the signs of the times and their implications for mission and consider responses to such developments; and to elect and appoint the Board of Directors and the Trustees. The 32 member churches are represented by 128 delegates, four per member church, who elect the Moderator, Treasurer, and all members of the Board of Directors. And if required, the assembly agrees to the recognition or the withdrawal of recognition of member churches.

CWM Assembly 2016, Jeju Island
Annual Members’ Meeting

The 32 member churches meet annually to: when required, approve any amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of CWM; appoint the General Secretary; admit or expel members upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors, if such member acted contrary to ideals of CWM and no longer subscribes to the ethical, moral, vision and mission of CWM or causes CWM ill repute or adverse testimony to the public; re-designate Regions, on the recommendation of the Board. Included within the Annual Members Meeting is the Annual General Meeting of the company necessary to perform certain legal functions namely: (i) to appoint and dismiss the auditors (ii) to note and receive the annual report and the audited statement of accounts when laid before them at the Annual Members’ Meeting. Each member church is represented by one delegate.

Annual Members' Meeting 2023, Taiwan
The Board of Directors

This is the legally responsible body for CWM (Trustee Body/Board) that meets three times a year to monitor, review and evaluate, and as appropriate, to take decisions on CWM’s strategy, principal programmes, approve major grants, applications for common resources, major member support decisions, recommend amendments to the constitution (only when required), approve Budget, Risks (in the context of strategy and organisational values and purpose), recommend to the Annual Members’ Meeting the appointment of General Secretary and the recognition or withdrawal of recognition of members. The Board of Directors comprises 13 members, plus the General Secretary (ex-officio).

CWM Board Meeting, 2022, Singapore

Headed by the General Secretary and supported by the Management team, the Secretariat receives policy directions from the Board of Directors. The Secretariat provides creative leadership, articulating and planning the implementation of policy, and inspiring and involving stakeholders in achieving the aims of CWM. These include resource sharing of experience, finance, insights and people, within and beyond the CWM community, as a source of mutual support in carrying out God’s mission.

CWM All-Staff Retreat, 2024, Indonesia