Education, Formation and Empowerment

by CWM Communications Team

We value life-flourishing education

“Rising to life and breaking out from Babylon” are two biblical concepts that have been informing CWM’s approach to understanding God’s mission for us. The two ideas are woven throughout Christian doctrines and shape behaviours in mission and ministry.

1 – Resurrection [rising to life]

In the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we find a different approach to living. Because of the resurrection promise, we are not to be afraid of death. Rather, we remember that a grain of seed must die in order for new life to rise. Resurrection is core in Christian faith. When mortal death comes, we welcome this eternal new life in Christ. Even the very act of Baptism is a dying to self and a rising to Godly life. We actually begin our eternal relationship in this earthly life.

The resurrected Body of Christ, the Church, has the mission to continue God’s work on earth. We learn. We teach. We are healed. We heal. We forgive. We are forgiven. Our education needs to form us in these skills and practices, helping us to become fit as a body to do this work.

Empowerment through Programmes

AAP/SAAP [Academic Accompaniment Programme]

AAP provides for further education. Such opportunities are used by member churches to:

  • Build up or upgrade a theological faculty
  • Develop new leaders
  • Acquire specific skills for emerging challenges in mission

SAAP (Special Academic Accompaniment Programme) is an integral part of CWM’s commitment to accompany member churches and ecumenical partners. It offers Post Graduate and Doctoral Research in theological education in partnership with selected renowned academic institutions.

This programme also helps to promote pathbreaking studies and research (short and long term) relevant to emerging challenges to the mission of the church. This programme explicitly accommodates applicants and issues that are normally not addressed through AAP. Priority will be given to applicants from the ‘margin’ of stratified societal order including women, sexual minorities, ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities.

For Application Forms and further information, please enquire by email to:

Churches nominating applicants for the Academic Accompaniment Programme are reminded that CWM has a firm goal to support 50% women candidates. Churches should submit no less than 1/3 of women among their nominees.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE 15 March (for decision by end-June) and 15 August (for decision by end-November each year)

Download CWM AAP Application Form (PDF)
Download CWM AAP Application Form (Word Doc)

MCI [Member Church Initiatives]

This Programme facilitates capacity development of the member churches through offering opportunities for people engaged in mission to undertake short-term, skills-oriented training, or learning from experiences.

Applications close SEPTEMBER 30 each year.
Download MCI Proposal Info and Application Form

TIM [Training in Mission]

TIM is open to young adults with Christian maturity and a sense of adventure and discovery. TIMs are usually emerging leaders, recognised by their denominational churches as having particular potential for serving in mission settings in or on behalf of their home church. TIM is designed to nurture and form missional leaders who will live a mission-oriented life, serving in a variety of capacities in the decades ahead of them. Many TIMs go on to have varied careers in church and mission work or in global development settings.

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Face2Face aims to facilitate immersion, bible studies and seminars for participants to reflect on mission in a post-colonial context, and engage in a global dialogue on theology, spirituality and mission. Through the six-week programme, current and recently graduated theological students will encounter the lived realities of local multi-faith communities, reflect on the motivation and method of mission in different parts of the world, and bring this reflection back to their own contexts.

[Watch this space for further news of upcoming F2F plans]

ANF [A New Face 2023-2024] - an opportunity for New Female Faces

A New Face [2023 Cohort] is open to ordained women with demonstrated leadership capacity. She must be interested in exploring mission issues in international and multicultural contexts; able to relate well with others and mature enough to cope with stress; and committed to sharing the experience in a mentoring relationship with other women upon returning home. Ideally, she must have completed a first degree and preferably other further development.

Revisioning Educational Ministry

To embrace a broader global understanding of formation for mission, CWM is thinking GLocally (both globally and locally). Most of our programmes have two core elements: 1) being based in a particular place for a particular time, and 2) facilitating the interactions of people from around the world in a short-term intentional community. We think about the particular context in which we are temporarily placed and how this speaks to our varied contexts, together helping us to gain insights about worldwide issues and concerns.

In addition to programmes, we are involved with global communities:

  1. Theologians without Borders is a community of socially engaged theologians committed to accompanying the theological institutions and churches in the Global South to facilitate life-flourishing education.
  2. Service, Witness and Worship – Ministry of Service (DIAKONIA) the Word and Sacrament (LOGOS) are central to the vocation of the Church. However, it is important to decolonize the altar and pulpit and transform them as spaces that inspire the church to “rising to life and breaking out from Babylon.”