Mission Programme and Partnership

by Council for World Mission

The missional vision of “rising to life and breaking out from Babylon” necessitates a radical shift in prophetic understanding and mission engagement.  In an era of egotistic, mechanistic, and technocratic dehumanisation and ecological degradation, CWM envisions creating alliances and engaging churches and peoples’ movements to rediscover human identity in the image of God. This vision affirms embracing Spiritualities, reshaping Economies, restoring of Ecology and renewing of the Global space into Life-Flourishing communities.

CWM will, therefore, encourage a spiritual renewal movement within the Church

1. Life-Flourishing Church in Action

The Church that embodies the living presence of Jesus of Nazareth is a community of hope, healing, and liberation. Jesus calls the Church to become life-flourishing in its grassroots expression, embodying a culture of inclusiveness, justice and peace. CWM will, therefore, encourage a spiritual renewal movement within the Church, where worship serves as a life-giving instrument for radical discipleship, hope in action and prophetic witness to life-flourishing communities.

2. Mission Support Programme (MSP)

CWM’s Mission Support Programme (MSP) was born out of the recognition that CWM’s main function was to encourage and support its member churches in their mission work. The MSP seeks to enable member churches to develop mission congregations.

3. Partners In Mission

CWM facilitates the sharing of people as a means of deepening partnership and mutual support for member churches and partner organisations as they carry out God’s mission. Through the Partner in Mission (PIM) programme, the resource of people is shared between members to enable them to accomplish their mission priorities. They engage in a variety of services including pastoral ministry, theological education and community development. This involves a dynamic interchange of personnel between varieties of contexts across the world.

Click here to view our list of mission partners.

4. Internship Programme

CWM Internship is a creative, hands on and innovative opportunity for 21-30 years old to experience between 6-12 months to explore faith alongside work in an international mission organization. As CWM is located in six regions (Pacific, Africa, Europe, Caribbean, East Asia, South Asia) with its main office in Singapore, the Internship will involve opportunities to work in one or more of these locations and so be an excellent opportunity to explore and experience a different culture.