“Covid-19 has exposed the undeniable interconnectedness of peoples all across the world; and it has revealed how foolish we have been to allow racism, patriarchy, nationalism and other forms of ideologies of supremacy and prejudice to stand in the way of our relationship with one another.  Now in this hour of coronavirus pandemic, we realise how much we need each other and, indeed, how enriching it is to serve and humbling to be served.”  ~ Collin Cowan, CWM General Secretary

Welcome to ‘The Church & COVID 19’. This page is a platform and an opportunity to offer helpful inspirational guidance and information from our member churches to everyone, and anyone, seeking alternative ways to live, worship and witness as disciples of Jesus during this crisis. We hope the voices and journeys of CWM’s member churches will be a useful source of support and accompaniment for each other as we discover what it means to be a Church at this time.