PCK Leaders visit CWM to Strengthen Partnership

by CWM Communications Team

The Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) leadership paid a visit to the Council for World Mission (CWM) office in Singapore on Monday, 24 October 2022. As part of strengthening their ecumenical partnership with various churches in Asia, the leadership of the PCK, including the Rev. Dr Soon Chang LEE, the Moderator, Rev. Bohyun KIM, the General Secretary, Rev. Hoon JUNG, Stated Clerk,  and Rev. Prof.  Young Sang Roh, Director of the PCK Research Centre started their ecumenical pilgrimage with the CWM.

Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum, CWM General Secretary, cordially welcomed the PCK leadership and thanked them for visiting the CWM office as a sign of valuing the partnership in mission. The leadership meeting between the CWM and the PCK facilitated various productive discussions and opportunities to engage the common witness and partnership in future.

Underlining that this is his first visit after being elected as the Moderator of the PCK, Rev. Dr  LEE expressed his thanks to CWM. Remembering the early Christian history in Korea, he acknowledged that the London Missionary Society (LMS) was instrumental in bringing the Gospel to Korea. He expressed his special thanks to CWM for relentlessly accompanying the PCK in its missional endeavours. He also introduced the vision of the PCK for the coming “Decade Pilgrimage for the Life-flourishing Culture and Ministry.” After his greetings, the moderator presented a specially made ceramic Holy Communion ware set for the use of CWM staff whenever they gather for the eucharist.

Rev. Julie Sim, Mission Secretary for Mission Programme and Partnership, presented an overview of the CWM’s Vision, Values, and programmatic structure, particularly emphasising the new strategy framework. She also thanked the PCK for accompanying the CWM in various programmatic deliveries, especially in the East Asia region. The PCK delegation acknowledged how similar the long-term vision and strategy of both CWM and PCK are in promoting “Life-flourishing Communities” in the midst of life-threatening forces. They also felt that it is an indication that we face common challenges across the globe, which calls for missional action together.

The PCK General Secretary, Rev. Bohyun KIM, also thanked the CWM and expressed his willingness to collaborate with the CWM in various missional programmes. He proposed that the PCK could collaborate with the CWM and its partners in the Agape Hospital project in Myanmar, contributing to the Training in Mission (TIM) programme and evaluating and contextually developing the Mission Support Programmes (MSP), etc. On behalf of the PCK leadership, he also expressed their willingness to host and support the all-staff retreat in Korea.

After the meeting and discussion on various missional opportunities, the PCK moderator, Rev. Dr Lee, visited the CWM broadcast studio, where he was interviewed by the General Secretary, Rev. Dr Keum. The moderator specifically spoke on the PCK vision for life-flourishing culture and ministry and issues of Korean peace and reconciliation.

Dated 26 October 2022

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