Sign up to join CWM Content Creator Network

by CWM Communications Team

If you have a passion for producing high-quality digital content, we invite you to become part of CWM’s first Content Creator Network (CCN). CCN is a global network of content creators who produce content to promote CWM’s vision of “Life-flourishing Communities, living out God’s promise of a New Heaven and a New Earth.”

Content creators will create videos, photos and podcasts that communicate CWM’s vision to member churches, ecumenical partners, and the public. This content focusing on the following CWM programme areas will be distributed through CWM’s social media channels, website, and other platforms:

  1. Life-flourishing Creation and Economy
  2. Mission Programme and Partnership
  3. Discipleship, Spiritualities and Dialogue
  4. Education, Formation and Empowerment
  5. Mission from the Margins
  6. Peace Building and Community Development
  7. The Onesimus Project

Content creators will be eligible for a yearly honorarium based on the number of submissions selected for official use, and CWM will provide online or offline training and workshops to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Selected content creators will be invited to special CWM events to create content, and an annual CWM Content Creator of the Year will be recognized and awarded a certificate of achievement for their contribution in promoting CWM’s vision.

Content creators must submit and renew their membership annually, subject to review. Submissions will be reviewed and approved by the communications team to ensure they meet CWM’s standards and values. The communications team may provide support in terms of guidance, editing, and technical assistance.

Click HERE to download more information. Please sign and email your application to . In addition, please attach a maximum of 60-second video footage that demonstrates your skills and creativity in producing digital content.

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