Church of North India (CNI) bishop lays foundation stone of new Church and School

by CWM

Date: October 28 – November 21, 2019

Earlier this year, Church of North India (CNI) laid the foundation stone for the new Church building of St. Stephen’s Church, Sonarpur. Previously, the land had been vacant and used as the neighbourhood’s dumping ground for many years. The Rt Rev Paritosh Canning, Bishop, Diocese of Barrackpore had allotted the land held by the Barrackpore Diocesan Trust Association, and further blessed the congregation by making available funds, through collaboration with friends of the Diocese for the construction of a single floor structure with a temporary roof to start with. Over close to 20 years, the Church grew from holding worship services in various locations, to their Church building today.

A few days later, The Rt Rev Paritosh Canning laid the foundation stone of the new building of St. Stephen’s School, Sagardighi, Murshidabad. The school opened with 73 students in the Sagardighi, Thermal Power Township by the Diocese of Barrackpore. They were associated with the West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited (WBPDCL), which provided the infrastructure for it to function as a primary school in their premises. Under the leadership of the Barrackpore Diocesan Education Society, the school grew to enrol 313 students this year. To cater to this growing demand for further education, the school purchased a piece of land in the Monigram area.

During the event, the Bishop encouraged the principal, teaching and non-teaching staff to continue giving their best and in partnership with parents, provide superior education that enables students of all cultures and abilities to reach their full potential.

He expressed his hope that in this part of Bengal, the school will be known as an educational community based on love, trust, respect and commitment to gospel values rooted in the teachings of Christ.

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