Vulnerability and Resilience: Body and Liberating Theologies

by CWM Communications Team

In Vulnerability and Resilience, vulnerability is not the final word. Rather, resilience provides the cutting edge and living breath in the stories of subjects who are vulnerable. And they have many stories: stories of being trapped in bodies, teachings, and/or situations that make them (and others like them) vulnerable to discrimination, hatred, and rejection; stories of being trapped because of their bodies, theologies, and/or cultures; and stories of being trapped for no-good reason. For subjects who are vulnerable, life is like a maze of traps, and stories of resilience keep them going.

The contributors to Vulnerability and Resilience refuse to be trapped. At the intersection of body and liberation theologies, they tell their stories in the hope that they will expose cultures that make individuals and communities vulnerable, and that those stories will encourage vulnerable subjects to be resilient and bring change to theological institutions that conserve vulnerability. Because of the location of the contributors—the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Caribbean, and Oceania—this book is a testimony that vulnerability is present all over the world, and that resilience is a liberating alternative.

Edited by Jione Havea – Foreword by Collin Cowan – Contributions by Stephen Burns; Cláudio Carvalhaes; Wanda Deifelt; Masiiwa Ragies Gunda; Karl Hand; Jione Havea; Dwight N. Hopkins; Adriaan van Klinken; Brian F. Kolia; Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon; Sarojini Nadar; Nienke Pruiksma; Sarasvathie Reddy; Luis N. Rivera-Pagán and Jenny Te Paa Daniel

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