Training in Mission (TIM) Programme

by CWM

Date: May 1 – November 30, 2019

Training in Mission
(Diploma in Mission Studies) 2019

The Council for World Mission (CWM) has been investing in equipping the young people for the ministry and mission of its member churches since 1981. Through the Training in Mission (Diploma in Mission Studies) Programme, ten to 12 participants from the churches are brought together for about seven months of intensive mission training.

The pedagogical process of the Traning in Mission (TIM) Programme is the action-reflection model of learning. Over 350 young people have so far been changed for life with a new practical and radical understanding of what witnessing to Christ means. In every church, TIM participants are to be seen as living expressions of CWM’s understanding of partnership in mission.

The 2018 TIM Programme came to a close with the participants undergoing their final evaluation during 24 – 25 November in Seoul, South Korea, followed by Valedictory Service on 26 Nov.

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