Sundays with CWM (Trinity Sunday): Called to go!

by CWM Communications Team

Romans 8:15-16

The church, literally the community of the Lord, is called to go, making disciples, baptising in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching everything her Lord has commanded.

Being called to go, the church became part of society, for better and for worse, as a day-to-day challenge. How to be a part of society? Permeating social structures like salt or yeast? Moving ahead as a role model? What, in the end, has been – and still is – the contribution of Christian communities, locally and globally?

One option is to consider the church a firstling, the body of Christ as an alternative community. In the world but not from the world, a community of peace and justice, of virtues. Another option is to consider the church a community for the world – an intercessory, serving, prophetic church for others.

Whatever option one might choose, the mission of the Christian community is instrumental in going and fearlessly sharing God’s love and engaging in the life-flourishing of society. And certainly not as slaves, but as loving sisters and brothers. In the challenging times we are living, the church and her members should not let themselves be confined to specific places, spaces or faces. Our planet earth and all of God’s children need God’s love and our respect. The church needs to be engaged in the flourishing of society, in the promotion of the common good.

The celebration of Trinity Sunday is the celebration of this love in relationship, this love of God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Neither society nor church could exist without love in relationship to the planet and to others, regardless of faith, age, gender, ethnicity, etc. Therefore, we are enabled to go and sing – with the words of Peter Scholtes’ hymn, “And they’ll know we are Christians by our love”, by walking together and working side by side, by praying that one day our unity will be restored. The unity of God and creation – of which human society is an integral part. The unity of the children of God.

-Kathleen Ferrier and Tjeerd de Boer, Protestantse Kerk in Nederland


God of delight,

at the crossroads where humanity and divinity meet, we pray that we may manifest your unity

in the diverse ministries you entrust to us, truly reflecting your triune majesty

in the faith that acts,

in the hope that does not disappoint, and in the love that endures. Amen.

Prayer Points

CWM Board of Directors & Annual Members’ Meeting

We thank God for the partnership and working relationship between CWM Members, Board of Directors & Trustees and Secretariat in carrying God’s mission in the world over the years. We are grateful to God for the gift of leadership, skills and competencies in the family of CWM. We pray for godly discernment, wisdom and strength for the Members, Directors and Secretariat in their deliberation at the Annual Members’ Meeting and the Board of Directors’ Meeting for the furtherance of the work and life of CWM. Pray that Members, Directors and Secretariat will continue to mutually challenge, equip and encourage each other for the advancement of CWM strategic direction.

– Julie Sim, Council for World Mission

Praise God for the ample resources that have been showered upon CWM through the years. We are grateful for God’s endowment. We pray that all who have been called to serve for CWM, are individuals with purity of heart, who contend for God and will make godly decisions for the fulfilment of our Lord’s commission to His disciples ”to make disciples of and baptise all nations in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. May the secretariat, directors, trustees and members make decisions and act for the sole purpose of the furtherance of God’s mission, especially in the area of resource allocation and utilisation.

– Nina Foo, Council for World Mission

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