Sundays with CWM (Pentecost Sunday): Power in the Spirit

by CWM Communications Team

Acts 2:1-21

On the day of Pentecost, the work of the Holy Spirit was demonstrated in the life of the church. Three thousand new believers were added to the church that day.

  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit makes us the body of Christ, and marks the start of our Christian experience

Life-flourishing evangelism therefore requires spiritual grounding, and the Holy Spirit is still available to the church today.

  • The Spirit enables us to receive Christ as our saviour by faith which begins our personal relationship with

The Holy Spirit then works in us to help us become like Christ. Life-flourishing evangelism is built on healthy relationships, first with Christ and then with our neighbours. The Spirit enables us to love God, and to love our neighbours as ourselves, enabling us to act for the good of others.

  • The disciples were to be witnesses

When we know Jesus, we must make Him known. Life-flourishing evangelism happens when the Spirit unites the church in Christ to carry out Christ’s mission of transformation in the world.

The Holy Spirit made Peter bold to speak the Good News. Jason no doubt depended on the Spirit and because of his courage Paul and Silas were enabled to carry out their ministry. They were described as having “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6). Is the Jesus of whom these disciples witnessed the one we are making known today in our evangelism? Jesus who told us to go and make disciples of all nations, transcending racial, national and linguistic barriers; Jesus who broke down all social barriers making black lives matter the same as white lives; Jesus who caused people to care deeply for one another so that a coronavirus vaccine, when discovered, will be available to all; Jesus who brings good news to the poor, makes the blind see, throws open prison doors and releases captives and frees the oppressed; Jesus who assures us that this is the time of His favour?

Through the power of the Holy Spirit may our communities flourish as Christ intended.

-Rose Wedderburn, CWM Board of Directors


We pray for CWM churches to reclaim the power the Holy Spirit affords us in carrying out Christ’s mission. We pray that evangelism will once again become the heartbeat of the church and that our communities will truly reflect Christ and flourish. Amen.

Prayer Points

United Congregational Church of Southern Africa

God may restore, heal and mend victims of gender based violence.

God will emancipate men, women, boys and girls, unite us as one and remind us that we are all [both male and female] made in the image of God par excellence.

God may give the victims strength to forgive.

God may guide both men and women to find equal ground where they are able to complement one another.

That men and women recognise themselves as co-workers and participants in building up healthy families that stay away from harm and violence.

That men and women demonstrate Christ-like faithfulness through the transforming power of the gospel.

That the descending power of the Holy Spirit transforms the perpetrators.

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