Sundays with CWM (30 Apr): Encountering the Risen Lord amidst uncertainties

by CWM Communications Team

That same hour they got up and returned to Jerusalem (St. Luke 24:33).

The resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ moulds, strengthens, and stabilizes our faith in God. Resurrection enables us to understand the universal mission of God, i.e., salvation for the whole planet, including humans and other living beings.

Our living context and circumstances sometimes destabilize our faith and make us blind to understanding the power of resurrection. The power of resurrection stimulates us to measure our lowly situation only by our faith established in Christ. Risen Lord leads us to know about the role of our response to God’s action. Risen Lord helps us grasp our limitations and provide the capacity to overcome barriers.

After the death of Jesus Christ, the disciples were so confused and in distress for fear of life. They were so worried and shut themselves up in the upper room, not knowing the consequences. Two of Jesus’ disciples, Cleopas and the other one who followed Jesus till His death, even turned to go away to their home place, Emmaus, and started their journey in despair and distress, discussing the events that happened in Jerusalem.

When they were encountered by the risen Lord, they could not recognize him. But Jesus walked with them and spoke to them to analyze their faith by interpreting the scriptures beginning with Moses and all the prophets concerning himself (v.27). A process of re-reading the scriptures took place during the journey. Jesus helped them to understand the mission of God with an open mind. The risen Lord created a new understanding and direction for their faith. They turned their journey from Emmaus to Jerusalem, which is also a significant sign of their understanding. This is indeed a great experience of evolving from hopelessness to celebration.

We often fail to recognize Jesus, even though He walks with us, due to our distress. This experience of journeying back to Emmaus happens in our lives too. We fail to believe in God’s assurance and push ourselves into a state of confusion, distress, and hopelessness. As a result, we start journeying backwards and become weak in faith with all the uncertainties.

Encountering the risen Lord, who walks with us, talks to us, and answers all our questions that arise from our life situations, is an empowering experience amidst life’s uncertainties. Confidence in the risen Lord forms the basis of our success in our lives. The power of resurrection working and operating in us strengthens us in times of challenges. The resurrection of Jesus Christ helps us to perceive spiritual growth and is considered as a model for a believer’s own faith journey to a deeper faith and as an instrument to help others in the same journey. Let us proclaim, “Christ, the Lord is risen today, Halleluiah!”

Gracious God, through encountering the risen Lord Jesus Christ, you have given us an opportunity to re-examine our faith journey by acknowledging his presence within us and in all walks of our lives. Help us to understand that the journey with Christ clears our paths and empowers us with his divine love to carry on the mission entrusted to us. Help us to encounter you for hope and guidance in times of uncertainties. Bless us with the power of resurrection. Amen

Joseph Dawson, St. John’s Parish, Visakhapatnam


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