Sundays with CWM (25 Dec): A Letter from Mary

by CWM Communications Team

Christmas Day

Scripture: Philippians 2: 10 – 11

Let us celebrate the coming of God’s Son:

Sent to show God’s love

Sent with the power of the powerless

To the overlooked, unloved, unwanted

Let us rise to God’s advent challenge:

Our labour is not in vain

God spells danger for emperors and kings

Christ stretches out from the manger not the throne

A letter from Mary to her mum:

Dear mum: It’s a Boy!

But you knew that!

The birth was tough

The journey worse!

And your grandson: Jesus … He is beautiful

The angel told me God’s power would rest on me

But I am exhausted and yet filled with wonder!

I suppose every parent thinks the birth of their child

Is a miracle … but it’s true!

Joseph has been really good, bless him

And Jesus is sleeping now.

I may be the Lord’s servant

But I am also his mum, and he had better do as he is told!

We don’t know when we can come home

There are rumours that Herod is sending out soldiers.

I can’t tell you where we are going

But the love that surrounds us here, surrounds you too.

We will set out in that hope.

Love Mary xxx


Praise be to God for the courage of Mary

Praise be the God for the coming of Christ.

May we be true to the example of Mary

May we be part of giving God life.

-Peter Cruchley

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