Sundays with CWM (18 Apr): Life-Flourishing Economy

by CWM Communications Team

Psalm 4

Amidst his distress, David asked for God’s mercy and relief. His distress stemmed from people in power around him who have delusional values, despise the righteousness of God and do not have the devout attitude that they should have. The psalmist proclaimed that the ultimate promise for those who are faithful in the Lord is to be filled with joy and dwell peacefully in Him.

An Old Testament theologian defined suffering as the restriction of life; the source of suffering comes from the unjustness of others’ and our own sins. The former oppresses people through power, while the latter replaces God with their ego and when both intertwine, it leads to endless suffering. In the first 20 years of the 21st century, the world underwent a drastic change – climate changes, global warming that brought disaster to various ecosystems, the COVID-19 virus which followed the steps of globalisation and harmed the health of many, taking away millions of lives. The unjust economy has caused God’s family to be unsustainable and disrupted the peace for all inhabitants on earth. Human’s greed is undoubtedly a key cause of all these suffering.

Repentance is the first step of Jesus’ gospel for the kingdom for heaven, by turning to God’s kingdom and His righteousness will humanity then be able to enter relief, so that all creation can live peacefully always.

-Li Hau Tiong, CWM Partner in Mission (East Asia)


Holy Spirit, may you liberate us, so that the people of God’s family will receive freedom. Deliver us from the brokenness of our forefather Adam so that we can turn to your will finding the power to love as you love and live ever in your Spirit.


Prayer Points

United Reformed Church

The UK post-Brexit situation and especially for those worst affected by the economic, social and political effects of the departure from the European Union.

The communities disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact.

Local United Reformed Churches as they seek to serve their communities in mission and discipleship in the new COVID-19 reality.

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