Sundays with CWM (11 July): Dancing

by CWM Communications Team

2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19

Dancing involves the risk of looking stupid. So often we choose not to do something because of the risk of standing out and losing face. In the eyes of Michal, David ridiculed himself. David might have had a moment of hesitation before throwing off his dignified mantle and starting to freely move his body. He might have looked at those around him.

Self-awareness usually does not encourage one to be brave. David has proven before that he does not scare away from giants. And now he even defies the fear of ridicule. By boldly living out his faith. By courageously committing to an expression of delight. By not fearing to feel and act his deep delight and gratitude, and by daring not to care what others think, or acting despite the feelings and thoughts of others. David tears away the veil of normalcy and shows what is underneath.

May David’s example tempt us to dance around foolishly. Something we normally only dare do when we have the hindsight excuse of having had too much to drink.

Yes we risk being laughed at. Moreover, we risk being authentic. We risk being flourishing human beings, inviting and inspiring others to join in the celebration of God.

-Rozemarijn Annemieke van ‘t Einde, CWM Board of Directors


Lord, so much holds us back from celebrating the wonders of creation fully. Give us strength to look away from the disdain of others and let us instead focus on you. Make us courageously silly. Help us take up space to become beacons of joy. Amen.

Prayer Points

United Church of Zambia

 Gender-based violence

Let us pray for those working to end violence against women, that God’s protection may be upon them as they execute their duties.

Protection from those conspiring against women and girls.

Justice to prevail for all those women to whom justice has been denied just because they are poor or uneducated.

The safety of women and girls in our society. They too are God’s creation and deserve respect and liberty.

For the revival of feminine theology. May we pray that it is resuscitated so it speaks for marginalised women.

The old women, especially in certain regions where almost every old person with gray hair is looked at as a witch. Many have been lynched.

People living with disabilities

Let us remember in our prayers the persons living with disabilities, that God may use them in their disability to bring life to societies that have lost hope. Let us pray against the spirit of segregation against persons living with disabilities, because disability is not inability.

Let us pray that God raises persons with disabilities to positions of influence and decision-making.

Image credit: Busokololo Media (UCZ) Facebook page

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