Seeds of church reform possibly sown during the pandemic, says Union of Welsh Independents (UWI) General Secretary

by CWM Communications Team

In the Spring issue of Union Welsh Independents (UWI)’s Union Matters, the UWI General Secretary Rev Dyfrig Rees shared his reflections on rethinking church during the pandemic. Rev Rees opined that when Congregationalism was going strong in the mid-twentieth century, a church-centred framework had worked for at least four generations of Christians. However, the pandemic has allowed many congregations tired and frustrated by this framework of entrenched ministries and multiple meetings and events to ask, “what and where next?”

The UWI General Secretary saw the blessings that came in the wake of many churches mastering technology and venturing into alternative events during the pandemic lockdown, freed from enslavement to tradition and adherence to church buildings. With borders transcended and the gospel readily available onscreen, the church is aware of its place, responsibility and contribution as a medium in God’s plan for the world, he wrote.

He was hopeful that reform may now have begun in the land, if worshippers are prepared for a vision that will enable them to be a faith community that strangers to the faith might want to belong to.

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