Registration is open for ‘TIM40 Outpourings’ gathering

by CWM Communications Team

Former Training in Mission (TIM) participants from CWM member churches, partner institutions, former CWM staff, and partner communities are welcome to register to attend CWM’s “TIM40 Outpourings” meetings on either 6, 7 or 13 May via Zoom. The event title is inspired by Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17, and is intended to check in on the dreams and visions of the TIM project and its participants.

Held as part of its yearlong Training in Mission (TIM) 40th anniversary celebrations, it aims to gather former TIM participants to share their insights and testimonies about the ‘outpouring’ of God’s Spirit through the TIM programme to produce a publication celebrating the work of TIM and to highlight where God’s Spirit is stirring today.

The meetings will be facilitated by Dr Vedha Kani and Ms Renita Barnes. Interested participants are invited to join the meeting scheduled at a suitable time for their respective regions, as per below:

  • South and East Asia Regions: 6 May 2022, Friday, 19:00 India time

Register here

  • Pacific Region: 7 May 2022, Saturday, 14:00 Fiji time

Register here

  • Africa, Caribbean & Europe Regions: 13 May 2022, Friday, 19:00, South Africa Time

Register here

The Zoom meeting link will be sent to you upon registration.

Details about the proposed publication:

Part 1 ‘Participants Dreaming’: Participants contribute their reflections on where the dreams they conceived on TIM have taken them and whether they have vision still.  These will largely be produced as e-resources, with videos.

Part 2 ‘Envisioning new worlds’: Reflections on the issues and topics TIM sought to address (for e.g., Climate Change, Racism, Sexism)

Part 3 ‘Proclaiming acts’: Acts of worship, images and performances which express the message of Joel and Acts today

Part 4. ‘Transforming Mission’: Outlining the implications for CWM of the Missio Spiritus

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