“Re-imagining Church as Event: Perspectives from the Margins” book series to be released.

by CWM Communications Team

The first Book of the “Re-imagining Church as Event: Perspectives from the Margins” Series is coming soon.


Women have always been marginalised by society and the church; their labour and skills, and their theological and spiritual gifts, are ignored or undervalued. It is a struggle for them to move beyond the walls of patriarchy, class, caste and gender. The book seeks to explore the role of the Christian faith and the use of the Bible in perpetuating patriarchy and looks at ways to rediscover the liberation potential of the faith and gospel.

Gender justice is the new wine that cannot be poured into the old wine skin of a gendered texture and nature. Birthing this new vision of being church is challenge of the hour. For this to happen, we need to engage in more critical conversations about the meaningfulness and urgency of bringing about gender-just relations in the domestic space and in the public sphere. The coming into being of a gender-just church could happen in the bargain, though not without the birth pangs.
-Kochurani Abraham

The book lays bare the gender politics that are involved, suggesting ways in which gender justice can be achieved within the church and society. It further addresses issues of patriarchy in the church, sexuality and the human body, topics that the church has long shied away from. I am sure that this work will serve its purpose of providing churches and Christians with resources in the struggle for gender justice.

-Philip Vinod Peacock


About the Series

In these eleven volumes, a collective of Indian theologians envisions Church as an Event that happens in particular contexts in the life of the communities at the margins. They argue that in the life of the communities who experience on their bodies the violence and hegemony of dominant power relations, morality, and religious dogmas and practices, the church happens as counter cultural experiences that disrupt the logic of the prevailing order. These experiences enable and empower them to affirm and celebrate their differences, knowledge and beauty even as they weave their liberation. Church as event is a call to rising to life, creating life-flourishing communities that live out the foretaste of the reign of God.

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