PiM Rev Ta-Li Hsieh and family visit the CWM office in Singapore

by CWM

Partner in Mission Rev Ta-Li Hsieh’s most striking observation about Singapore is its duality. After spending 6 years in this urban jungle, he says that although the part of Singapore which most people are familiar with is a highly urbanised one, there are areas in the same country which are still “villages”, particularly in terms of mindset.

Six years ago, Rev Ta-Li Hsieh moved from Indonesia to Singapore, for a sharing people in mission programme between The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) and The Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS) facilitated by The Council for World Mission. His family moved with him, including his wife Miao-Pin Pan, son An Yueh and daughter Anita.

Rev Ta-Li Hsieh has been completely absorbed with his work in the local church here in Singapore, Abundant Grace Presbyterian Church, focusing particularly  on ministry with labourers, migrant workers and children.

His own children found it difficult to adjust in the local schools because of the language barrier, but settled in much better after they moved to international schools. Both the young boy and girl enjoy soccer and say they absolutely loved the massive soccer field in their school.

The family came to the CWM Singapore office to say their goodbyes and spent some time with the staff. Rev Dr Collin Cowan, General Secretary of The Council for World Mission extended thanks and gratefulness on behalf of CWM for Rev Ta-Li Hsieh’s ministry in Singapore, and emphasised that “the sharing of people constitutes one of the planks on which this organisation is based…It is very significant to our self identity.”

Our prayers are with the family as they look forward to settling back to their life in native Taiwan (Rev Ta-Li Hsieh will join them end September), and especially with little Anita, who told us with a large grin, “I just want to go back to play.”

Submitted by: Nneoma Chima, Partners in Mission


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