Partners in Mission 2023 Global Gathering brings renewal, reconnection

by Cheon Young Cheol

The CWM Partners in Mission (PIM) Global Gathering, held in Guyana last month, was a week of renewal, refreshment, and reconnection for the 18 mission partners who attended. The theme of the gathering was “Together as Mission Partners.”

The gathering provided an opportunity for mission partners to connect face-to-face, share their mission stories, learn from each other, and receive support and encouragement.

Key highlights of the event included the official launch of the PIM Training Handbook 2023, designed to help mission partners understand CWM, the PIM program, and the call to service in the mission.

The event also provided a platform for mission partners to share their personal experiences and encounters. In the PIM Clinic, participants engaged in one-on-one conversations with PIM staff to address various aspects of their service, including job scopes, training, finance, and program administration.

In her welcome address, Rev. Julie Sim, Mission Secretary for Mission Programme & Partnership, East Asia, and South Asia, stated that no CWM member church is too big to receive a mission partner and none is too small to send a mission partner. She encouraged the serving PIMs to “not run away from challenges but run over them!”

The gathering concluded with a closing worship service and Holy Communion, where the mission partners rededicated themselves to their service and enhanced their connectedness to each other.

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