Pacific Climate Justice Summit 2021: Just Recovery from COVID-19 requires climate justice and environmental stewardship, says Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) General Secretary

by CWM Communications Team

During the Pacific Climate Justice Summit earlier this week, Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) General Secretary Rev James Bhagwan said that any just recovery from COVID-19 must incorporate facets of justice such as life-changing advocacy for the marginalised; and institutional, civil, corporate and political responsibilities to end unjust systems and structures.

Climate Justice and Environmental Stewardship were likely to be the Pacific’s biggest challenge, with diverse policy responses required for the different forms of climate-induced migration, Rev Bhagwan opined. For example, community relocation due to extreme events calls for different support and protection compared to what is provided when slow-onset environmental pressures lead to staggered migration of individuals or families,” he said.

In the process of renewing and strengthening the sacred cords of ecology, economics and ecumenicity, the Pacific Region needs to develop its own indicators based on the wellbeing of the whole community, an alternative to the unbridled capitalism that the world chases.

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