eDARE: Rising up and talking back at abusive and colonial powers

Public spaces are opportunities for rising up and talking back at abusive and colonial powers. Such opportunities are available across the Caribbean, Oceania, Africa, Asia, Americas, and Europe. Watch and pause the video clip to read the abstracts -- which represent the collective of papers at eDARE 2021. Come explore ways to do theology in public spaces. Register and dare to hear this 25, 27 & 29 October.  

(a)rising incursions: Witness how these female authors DARE & Challenge you at eDARE 2021!

The biblical and theological teachings that confine women to domestic places are obviously W-R-O-N-G. These presentations -- by learned and courageous women from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and America -- have a lot to teach us about Reading the Bible and Doing theology in public, political, and (of course) church spaces. Watch and pause the video clip, so that you [...]


More than one million people in the southern Madagascar are in dire need of emergency food and nutrition support due to a catastrophic shortage of food resources.  Since September 2020, Madagascar has been trapped in a severe drought, the worst in 40 years. The resulting famine is the first in modern history to be solely caused by global warming. According [...]