New Issue of INSiGHT brings stories of Mission Programme and Partnership

by Cheon Young Cheol

The September issue of INSiGHT is full of stories that put a human face and spiritual lens on the Mission Programme and Partnership arm of the Council for World Mission (CWM).

With contributions from Dr Vedha Kani, Elder Thang Mawia, Andry Nirina Velosoa, and Stephen Chia, the articles reflect on whether nakedness separates us from the love of Christ, life-flourishing churches in Myanmar, and visions of a physically and spiritually flourishing church.

The stories underscore the ethos of sharing, mutuality, interdependence, and equal partnership, described by Rev. Sim Joo Yee (Julie), CWM Mission Secretary for Mission Programme and Partnership in then foreword.

“Sharing of people means sharing of relationships,” writes Rev. Sim Joo Yee. “Sharing of people ecumenically has been CWM’s missional impulse since its formation year in 1977.”

The issue also offers memorials to former CWM General Secretary the late Dr Preman Niles, as well as news highlighting CWM’s statements related to global challenges, and CWM’s activities around the world.

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