Member Church Feature: Presbyterian Church of India (PCI)

by CWM Communications Team

Brief history

 PCI had its beginning in the year 1841, with the coming of Rev. Thomas Jones I and his wife who arrived at Sohra on 22nd June, 1841 as the first missionary of the Presbyterian Church of Wales (then Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Missionary Society). From Sohra (Cherrapunjee) the ministry of evangelization spread to Sylhet (in present day Bangladesh), Cachar Plains, the Cachar Hills of Assam, the Lushai Hills (now Mizoram) and later on to Manipur and Tripura.

As the work made rapid progress, the church grew in character and membership; the Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Assam was constituted in 1926 as the highest Church Court having two constituent Assemblies viz.  Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Church Assembly and Lushai Assembly.

  • In 1953 the highest Church Court the ‘Synod’ was renamed ‘Assembly’ while each of the constituent Assemblies was called Synod.
  • In 1968 the name Presbyterian Church of Assam was changed to the Presbyterian Church in North-East India (PCNEI).
  • In 1992, the name ‘Presbyterian Church of India’ was adopted.
  • In 2002 the highest Church Court the ‘Assembly’ was renamed to the ‘General Assembly’ of the Presbyterian Church of India.

Structure (hierarchy) of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of India
General Assembly
District / Pastorate
Local church
Branch Church

Constituents  of  the  General  Assembly

The General Assembly is only the Apex body of the Presbyterian Church of India having ten Synods and one Provisional Synod. It spreads over the whole North East India with more than 1.4 million members. The constituent Units are as follows:
Mizoram Synod
Manipur Synod
Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod Sepngi
Ri Bhoi Synod
Karbi Anglong Synod Tripura Synod (Provisional)
Cachar Hill Tribes synod
Biateram Synod
Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod Mihngi
Zou Synod
Meitei Synod

The Statistics of the PCI ( as in April 2017)

Synods                                                                          10
Provisional Synod                                                       1
Presbyteries                                                            135
Districts                                                                    601
Local Churches                                                    3,258
Branch Churches                                                 1,115
Ministers                                                                  957
Probationary Pastors                                           175
Elders                                                                 10,265
Mission Field Workers                                      3,005
Baptized Non Communicants                    5,95,831
Male members                                              7,17,047
Female members                                         7,35,733

Total Membership                                14,52,780

Mission Statement
As people called by God, the Presbyterian Church of India:

  • Commits itself to serve, and to tell others about Jesus Christ
  • Gathers together for praising God, listening to Him, and responding appropriately to His calling.
  • Nurtures one another in faith and obedience to Christ.
  • Loves and cares for one another as God’s people and all of creation.
  • Pursues God’s justice and peace in every area of life.
  • Works for ecological justice.

Mission Programmes/Ministries of the Church

 I. Mission and Evangelism:

PCI is operating its Mission and Evangelism ministry mostly through the Units. It has 35 Mission Fields in and outside India where 3,005 Mission workers are serving in the vineyard of God.

II. Theological Education

There are two Theological Institutions under PCI General Assembly viz.

  • Aizawl Theological College, Durtlang, Aizawl, Mizoram(Mizoram Synod)
  • John Roberts Theological Seminary, Shillong, Meghalaya, (KJP Assembly)

III. Christian Communication

PCI has a Christian Communication Centre cum Library. An official Journal called  “ PCI Herald” is published bi-monthly

IV. Finance

V. Peace and Justice

VI. Trust Association

VII. Women Fellowship

VIII. Youth Fellowship


  • Creating self-support schemes through multipurpose building projects like Guest Houses, Hostels, and Vocational Training Centers.
  • Providing rescue homes for women, relief and rehabilitation projects.
  • Twinning congregations.
  • Training and sending missionaries within India and abroad.
  • Endowment funds to support children to pursue their studies.
  • Healing ministry through Hospitals and health centres.
  • Promotion of Education.
  • Empowering Women and Youth in the Church Ministry.
  • Organizing seminars/consultations on Theological and Social issues and promoting of peace and Justice.


  • Spiritual renewal
  • Unity within the Presbyterian Church of India
  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Development of Christian Leadership among the youth.
  • Socio- economic and political concerns particularly fordowntrodden and the marginalized sections of society
  • Self-reliance in human and financial resources
  • Building relationships with other member Churches in the national and international level


  •  To pray for peace and promote justice and communal harmony in the country.
  • To eradicate poverty.
  • To build inclusive communities of women and men in the Church and the Society.
  • To be good stewards of God’s creatures


At present, PCI is having two projects:

  1. Centre for Capacity Development and Empowerment:

It should be the training centre for youth and women in Capacity Building and Empowerment. The foundation stone for the building was laid by Rev. Dr. Collin I. Cowan, General Secretary, CWM on 5th May 2014 at Siejiong, Shillong in the presence of  Rev. Dr. Jerry Pillay, President, WCRC. The total cost of the project is 6.7 Crores  INR.

  1. Thomas Jones I House of Prayer:

In commemoration of the 175th year of the Presbyterian Church of India (1841-2016), the General Assembly launched a project which is christened “Thomas Jones-I House of Prayer”.  It is named after the name of the first Welsh missionary  to PCI. It is a prayer centre opens to all people for all occasions where retreats for spiritual restoration can also be conducted. The estimated amount of 17.6 crores INR has been framed. The PCI is exploring possibilities in approaching well-wishers and donors to generously contribute for the iconic project.

Partner Churches and Councils:


  • Presbyterian Church of Wales
  • Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
  • Presbyterian Church of USA
  • Presbyterian Church of Korea
  • Protestant Church in the Netherlands
  • Uniting Church in Australia
  • Presbyterian Church in Singapore


  • Council for World Mission (CWM)
  • World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC)
  • Christian Conference of Asia (CCA)
  • National Council of Churches in India (NCCI)
  • Church Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA)
  • Christian Institute for the Studies of Religion and Society (CISRS)
  • Oikocredit


 Moderator : Rev. Laldawngliana

Moderator Elect : Rev. Lalramliana Pachuau

Secretary (Sr.) : Rev. B.B.Lamin

Secretary (Jr.) : Rev. H.L.Myrsing

Treasurer : Rev. H.M. Wahlang

Statistician : Rev. Lalsangloma Thiaite


 Rev. V. L. Luaia Hranleh (Sr.)     (Mizoram Synod)

Rev. G. S. Lyttan                              (KJP Synod Mihngi)

Rev. Rolianthanga Lalsim              (Biateram Synod)



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