Mask wearing no longer legally required, but recommended: change in guidelines for churches in UK

by CWM Communications Team

With a relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions in England from 19 July, the United Reformed Church (URC) has summarised and updated its guidelines for churches. Also included is a response addressing those weary of using face coverings, by Moderator of the URC’s West Midlands Synod, Rev Steve Faber who has been leading the church’s advice during the pandemic.

Wearing face masks in public buildings are no longer legally required and local churches are unlikely to decline entry to those who do not wear masks. However, their continued use is highly recommended, to protect those who are at risk from COVID-19 yet are unable to get vaccinated for various reasons. Having received the Director of Public Health’s report that the case rate in their borough has reached a peak, Rev Faber expressed his hope that only when they reach a phase of declining case numbers will they make the choice to remove face coverings.

Read URC’s updated guidelines at

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