INSiGHT November is Here!

by Cheon Young Cheol

The November issue of INSiGHT is here.

Take a deeper look through the lens of peace-building and community development with the latest issue of INSiGHT. Contributors describe programmes that shine light into a world torn by human greed, strife, and war.

Dr Sudipta Singh, CWM Deputy General Secretary – Programmes, sounds the call to stop the wars that have been raging in various locales in the world, from the recent Israel-Palestinian humanitarian crisis, to the ongoing violence in northeastern India.

Read also about the Japan’s decision to release irradiated water from the Fukushima Daiichi Plant into the oceans, threatening the sanctity of the maritime eco-systems, and impacting lives and livelihoods.

Find out about the high costs that will be incurred to the Indigenous South American peoples as imperial encroachment and development begin to cut into their precious rainforests.

Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be informed. Welcome to INSiGHT.

Download INSiGHT November 2023

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