Former Missionaries Gathering: A Day of CWM’s past, present and future

by CWM Communications Team

Council for World Mission (CWM)’s worship and communion service for its retired missionaries on 21 August 2023 at Kensington United Reformed Church (URC) was a gathering of those who had served the missionary movement, and a day of remembrance, reflection and vision. It was a poignant mingling and fellowship of CWM’s past, present and future, bringing together former missionaries, current Partners in Mission (PIM), CWM scholarship students, leaders of two CWM Europe member churches, Union of Welsh Independents (UWI) and Congregational Federation (CF), and World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) Gender Justice Officer Rev. Dr Minwoo Oh.

“CWM is the outcome of the vision, commitment and sacrifice of young men and women who served God wholeheartedly, among the communities across the globe that have transformed today into our member churches,” stated CWM General Secretary Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum in his welcome message.

Dr Keum went on to provide updates on CWM’s work including its new programmatic structure (NPS), The Onesimus Project (TOP), and the upcoming Assembly in 2024.

Dr Keum expressed gratitude for the former missionaries’ labour of love and years of faithful service in the mission field, assuring them it will be emulated by those to whom the baton has been passed. He wished them blessings for good health and fulfillment in their retirement, with the promise that the exemplary work they devoted in their prime will continue to thrive.

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