Face2Face 2023: Building Life-Affirming Communities – Poverty and Peace-making in Plurality

by CWM Communications Team

Applications will open for Face2Face Programme 2023 themed “Building Life-Affirming Communities – Poverty and Peace-making in Plurality” on 7 June.  Held in India Peace Centre, Nagpur, New Delhi from 20 September to 29 October 2023, it seeks to promote peace-making in a pluralistic global environment by fostering a better understanding of diverse world views and building relationships of respect.

Face2Face aims to facilitate immersion, bible studies and seminars for participants to reflect on mission in a post-colonial context, and engage in a global dialogue on theology, spirituality and mission. Through the six-week programme, current and recently graduated theological students will encounter the lived realities of local multi-faith communities, reflect on the motivation and method of mission in different parts of the world, and bring this reflection back to their own contexts.

After a series of exposure visits and thematic sessions on various religious practices and understandings, students are expected to contribute towards the development of a global network of young theologians, regularly update reflections on websites and social media, and offer local students and communities the richness of inter-cultural exchange.

For more information and to apply, please download, fill in and encrypt the following forms, and email empowerment@cwmission.org by 21 June:

Announcement and Invitation

Application Form

Medical Report for Applications

Member Church Endorsement

Only applications with a General Secretary or College Principal endorsement can be received.


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