Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa (UPCSA) celebrates achievements of individuals in ministry

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Besides institutional accomplishments, the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa (UPCSA) celebrated the achievements of their individuals in ministry towards the end of last year. Rev Prof Dr Jerry Pillay who is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Religion and Theology at the University of Pretoria had been shortlisted for the position of General Secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC). Interviews were conducted by the Search Committee in late October, and the WCC Moderator was informed that Prof Pillay from the UPCSA is one of two persons who will be presented to the Central Committee in March 2020 for a decision.

Rev Sauros Phaika, Moderator of the Synod of Zambia was recently elected as the President of Christian Council of Zambia (CCZ). It was considered an honour and recognition for both the role played by the Church on the ecumenical stage in Zambia as well as Sauros’ superb leadership exercised for many years both in the church and the broader Christian community.

The Rev Mautji Pataki, minister of William Mpamba Congregation, within the Presbytery of Limpopo has been identified and appointed as one of the “20 Eminent Persons for Peace in Africa”. The team was put together under the auspices of the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC).