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Theme: Subversive bodies, hopes and desires: Humanness under Empire

Mission Development is organising a second workshop in the 2019 Consultation on Human Identities, Sexualities and Communities to focus on sexualities and disabilities.  The overarching question for this consultation is ‘What is Empire doing to our humanness?’  We can trace the oppressive norms Empire has imposed on models and visions of humanness that have co-opted churches to perpetuating patriarchal and homophobic patterns of living and believing.

Our diverse human sexualities and differently abled persons signify subversive lives, spirits and struggles which speak to mission in the context of Empire.  The workshop will explore how subversive bodies are essential for creating the alternatives to empire where the kin-dom of God can be experienced.  We will share visions of what the church looks like when it is a counter-imperial space where humanity in fullness is present in love and blessing. The aim of the programme is to develop resources and materials to support our member churches exploring these issues; deepen our understanding of mission in the context of empire and point to future programmatic developments CWM and its partners could explore.

For more information, please email MissionDevelopment@cwmission.org