Etaretia Porotetani Ma’ohi (EPM) continues call for emancipation for Maohi Nui

by CWM Communications Team

The 136th Synod of the Etaretia Porotetani Ma’ohi (EPM) called for the Maohi people to be emancipated from “the plundering of its resources, nuclear experiments and bribes of millionaires”, according to a report by RNZ (Radio New Zealand).

The call for indigenous Maohi people to be free from enslavement is one that has been reiterated for at least a decade. In 2011, EPM affirmed its support of the re-inscription of Maohi Nui on the United Nations’ list of Nations to be decolonised.

EPM has also appealed to the United Nations Human Rights Commission on behalf of the people affected by French nuclear testing in the Maohi Nui islands. Under its “Waves of Destruction: Nuclear imperialism and anti-nuclear protest in Maohi Nui” project funded by CWM Member Church Initiatives, a delegation consisting of EPM President Rev François Pihaatae and a youth delegate tabled petitions at the UN 4th Committee for Decolonisation and denuclearisation issues in October 2019.

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