eDARE 2022: Call for proposals

by CWM Communications Team

Current international crises (e.g., the invasion of Ukraine, the war against Tigray, the military coup at Myanmar) — on top of the ongoing global crises due to poverty and hunger, unfair distribution of wealth and resources, the Covid pandemic, climate change, among others — underscore the need for liberation. CWM thus invites your contribution and participation in eDARE 2022. The keyword is liberation: What does liberation look and feel like? Liberation FOR whom and for what? Liberation FROM whom and what (else)? How might you DARE our communities and churches, theologies and missions, to activate those forms of liberation?

eDARE 2022 is a platform and portal for discernment and radical engagement (DARE) with such questions, with their underlying longings and creative possibilities. To participate, please see attached (1) the call for proposals and (2) a form for submission of proposals.

Let us DARE to enable (alternative) liberation.

Download the proposal form (Word format) here.

Download the proposal form (PDF format) here.

Send completed form to dare@cwmission.org on or before 31st March 2022.

Information and video recordings of past e-DARE forums are available at the eDARE microsite: https://edare.cwmission.org/

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