DARE 2023 Call for Papers: Liberation quest(ion)s

by CWM Communications Team

Activists, practitioners, students and scholars are invited to propose their papers for presentation in CWM’s Discernment and Radical Engagement (DARE) Global Forum at Bangkok, Thailand on 13-16 September 2023.

Liberation practices and movements work to release bodies, minds, and wills from powers that deny, disable, and enslave, in order to spread their influence (read: coloniality) and build their wealth (read: capitalism). These powers include patriarchy, empire, religion, market, caste, phobia, etcetera which are many and are very smart at hiding in the flows of life and at adapting to changing situations. Liberation practices and movements, theories and pedagogies, interrogate and call for the dismantling of those life-denying powers.

DARE 2023 is a space for all who work collaboratively to overthrow the powers that deny, disable, and enslave. It provides platforms for discerning and radically engaging with the quests for and questions of liberation, and the contributions and limits of theologies, practices, theories and pedagogies in this quest for liberation. More importantly, it works towards shaping the future of liberation quest(ion)s and mentoring future generations of liberationists.

Call for papers

We invite presentations on the quest(ion)s for liberation in these six areas:

  1. Ecology and Anthropocene
  2. Economy and peacebuilding
  3. Development and coloniality
  4. Rituals and ceremonies
  5. Slaveries and discipleship
  6. Doing Theology in Age of crises

To propose a presentation, please fill in the requested information on this proposal form, and submit it in MS word/doc format to dare@cwmisssion.org by 26 May 2023.  

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