DARE 2019

by CWM

Date: June 19 – 27, 2019

Discernment and radical engagement (DARE) are at the heart of the mission that makes CWM what it is. This annual CWM forum provides a platform for scholars and activists to present and challenge perspectives on mainline theological and biblical scholarships while rooted to ground-level struggles and concerns. At the same time, they are provided the opportunity to share personal insights, viewpoints and experiences through publications – with the end goal of growing and better equipping themselves in discernment and radical engagement with local communities.

Through DARE, CWM partners with committed and creative thinker-practitioners of our time, signaling to ourselves and to the world, that our loyalty is to the God of life who calls us to take on the life-giving mission for which Jesus lived and died.

DARE also comes out of the conviction that another world is possible. Another world free from the politics of hate; ideologies of supremacy; enslavement to the imperial logic; a world in which ecology could heal; security of children is a priority; strangers welcome each other; movement of people is a right and freeing; the elderly is treated with compassion and care.

The forum’s theme this year is organised around six streams:

  • Earth
  • Class
  • Race / Caste
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Artificial intelligence

The papers will begin from one of these topics, and cross over another theme.

For more information about DARE 2019, click here.


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