CWM/WCC/UCA Explorations in Evangelism

by Cheon Young Cheol

5-13 September 2015, Sydney, Australia

The CWM Mission Enabling Team, World Council of Churches Commission for World Mission & Evangelism, together with the Uniting Church in Australia are currently holding the first of a series of Explorations in Evangelism, focusing on this occasion on “Evangelism in the City.”

The programme aims to respond to the growing urgency in our times for renewal in the ways we talk about and share our faith with people in diverse contexts and in particular within secular, multi-cultural settings.  Through personal sharing and encounter, exposure visits, case studies and reflection on the renewal of the understanding and the practice of evangelism, our hope is that this initiative will assist participants in their work with local churches, encouraging them in their mandate to witness to their faith in their contexts.

It is being held in Sydney, Australia from 5th to 13th of September, gathering 21 participants from the following churches/organizations:

  • United Methodist Church – USA
  • United Reformed Church
  • Presbyterian Church of Korea
  • Presbyterian Church of Taiwan
  • Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China
  • Methodist Church – New Zealand
  • Morling College Sydney
  • New South Wales Ecumenical Council / Coptic Orthodox Church
  • Sydney Rotuman Church
  • Rural New South Wales Multicultural Church
  • UCA South Australia Synod

Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress


By Anna Marundan, Mission Enabling

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