CWM Moderator pays inaugural visit to Guyana Congregational Union (GCU)

by Cheon Young Cheol

Council for World Mission (CWM) Moderator Rev. Lydia Neshangwe’s inaugural visit to Guyana and the CWM Caribbean region was to the office of Guyana Congregational Union (GCU) in Georgetown, Guyana on 19 August 2023. Delighted to be with its leadership, Rev. Neshangwe listened keenly to the history of congregationalism in Guyana and to GCU’s current issues, celebrations, and challenges shared by General Secretary Rev. Keith Haley and Assistant General Secretary Rev. Leander Warren.

With the observation that churches across the world were stagnating and needed a revival of the Holy Spirit, the Moderator shared the message that it is time to pray for a revival in their churches. She encouraged them to pray for this revival among GCU’s 32 congregations in eight groups across Guyana, adding that the vision of the church needs to be spiritual and not focused solely on being theologically correct.

Rev. Neshangwe presented a meaningful gift to Rev. Haley—a flame made from stones in Zimbabwe where she resides, serving as a reminder to ask God for direction when Rev. Haley feels overwhelmed. She ended the courtesy visit by asking God to fill the GCU with the Holy Spirit and encouraged the leadership to allow the Spirit to challenge them as they seek vision to lead in Guyana.

The Moderator’s visit came on the occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the 1823 Demerara Slave Rebellion, a commemoration which would also be attended by Chairperson of CWM’s The Onesimus Project (TOP), Prof. Rev. Dr Roderick Hewitt. In preparation for their participation in the commemorative service, GCU leaders provided a guided tour highlighting significant sites of the 1823 uprising.

The visit to the GCU ended with lunch with some of the leaders and ministers of the GCU.

Submitted by: Vickeisha King Burke

(Banner image: From left: Rev. Jeanette Adams, Finance Officer – GCU, Rev. Leander Warren – Assistant General Secretary – GCU, Rev. Lydia Neshangwe, Moderator – CWM, Rev. Keith Haley, General Secretary – GCU, Mrs. Vickeisha King Burke – Programme Coordinator of the PIM Unit and Programme Associate in the Caribbean Region at the Quamina House Complex, the central office of the GCU.)

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