CWM Member Churches General Secretaries’ Conference Opened under the theme “Rise to Life: Together in Transformation”

by Cheon Young Cheol

The CWM Member Churches General Secretaries’ Conference opened on 4 October in Singapore under the theme “Rise to Life: Together in Transformation.”

The conference brings together general secretaries of CWM member churches from around the world for fellowship, learning, and discernment.

In his opening address, Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum, CWM General Secretary, said that the conference is an opportunity for “all of us to connect with one another, to develop friendships, to foster partnerships, and to engage ourselves in productive conversations.”

He added that it is also an opportunity for “us to involve ourselves in a discernment process by sharing our common wisdom, experiences, and contextual knowledge to find better ways to implement CWM projects in partnership with the member churches.”

The keynote address was delivered by Prof. Kenneth R. Ross, who spoke about the need for transformation in the world today. “As we survey our contemporary reality, it seems that the stench of death meets us on all sides,” he said. “For God is a God of life; and death is overcome by resurrection.”

Prof. Ross noted that “if ever there was a time when the world was crying out for transformation, it must be now!”

“We need to be together in transformation,” he said. “One thing we have discovered through our involvement in mission is that it is the relational quality of human life that enables us to flourish.”

The conference, scheduled to continue until 6 October, will feature in-depth discussions on several key topics, including The Onesimus Project (TOP), CWM Assembly 2024, and the New Programmatic Structure (NPS).

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