CWM London Office received visit from Malawi High Commission

by CWM Communications Team

On Monday 22nd May 2023, the Council for World Mission (CWM) London Office hosted a visit from Malawi High Commission’s Development Counsellor Rev. MacDonald Sembereka, who served as special advisor to former Malawi President Joyce Banda, before taking up his current roles in diplomatic missions.

CWM Mission Secretary Rev. Dr Graham McGeoch outlined the work of CWM through its CWM Africa member church in Malawi and across the globe. Expressing solidarity with Malawi after Cyclone Freddy, Dr McGeoch highlighted the humanitarian response of the Churches of Christ in Malawi (CCM), supported by CWM. Dr McGeoch shared some of the life-flourishing work of CWM. The Malawi High Commission and CWM share common interests in creating life flourishing economy, ecology, and societies.

Dr McGeoch spoke about The Onesimus Project (TOP), particularly ongoing discussions around reparations and legacies of slavery. “Reparations is not only about the money and history, but it is also about the Spirit and future”, responded Rev. Sembereka. Noting the different conversations about reparations in the Africa Union, Rev. Sembereka, who studied at Zomba Theological College before being ordained as an Anglican priest, said more work needs to be done to move the discussion forward.

“CWM is committed to dialogue with churches, faith communities, civil society and governments in its mission to resist Empire and support peoples’ struggles for justice and life flourishing”, said Dr McGeoch.

The Malawi High Commission and CWM committed to further dialogue on areas of mutual interest.

Banner image: Malawi High Commission’s Development Counsellor Rev. MacDonald Sembereka (left) and CWM Mission Secretary for Discipleship and Dialogue Rev. Dr Graham McGeoch (right)

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