CWM Calls for Prayers for Climate Deal at UN Summit in Paris

by Cheon Young Cheol

CWM welcomes the Climate Change negotiations towards a long term deal to limit carbon emissions happening in Paris beginning  30 November 2015.  The timing is right and with some 170 countries expressing commitment towards the reduction of carbon emission by 2030 is a positive starting point.  We also support the position of the Singapore Government that “Any durable solution… has to be universal, involving all countries…, acting in unison within a rules-based multilateral framework” (Today, Friday 27 November 2015).

It does seem that the critical issues are going to be that of climate financing and whether the ‘developed’ countries are ready to invest financially;
skills to build capacity among the ‘developing’ countries; as well as what  form the agreement itself would take –  whether it would be legally binding or not. The latter has  implications on participation of countries like the United States whose Republican controlled senate is unlikely to let such an agreement pass, and even worse implications on what happens then._86940169_86940168

We share the hope of WCC General secretary, Dr Olav, “for an ambitious and fair agreement reflecting the urgent need to really focus on climate justice” (Advent message, 2015).  It is the issue of justice that must inform the conversation, resulting in outcomes that address the needs of all with immediate attention to the most vulnerable among us as priority.

We pray for clarity of purpose and courage to do the right during this summit.

Photo Credits:  Protester – Getty Images, BBC NEWS, Banner – The StraitsTimes

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