Council for World Mission (CWM) General Secretary visits member churches in South Africa region

by CWM Communications Team

CWM General Secretary Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum paid a visit to the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa (UPCSA) and the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA)  to express continuing partnership in mission and to discern together mission priorities in Southern Africa  on 15 and 17 November following his participation in the Black Liberation Theology International Conference.

UCCSA and UPCSA have journeyed closely together with CWM over the years with mutual accompaniment and sharing of human, theological and financial resources. CWM Moderator Rev. Lydia Neshangwe has been elected as Moderator-Designate of the UPCSA and UPCSA’s General Secretary Rev. Dr Lungile Mpetsheni is Chair of the CWM Africa NPC.  Similarly, UCCSA has actively participated in CWM’s leadership and global witness, with Rev. Dr Des van der Water serving as a former CWM General Secretary. UCCSA’s General Secretary Rev. Kudzani Ndebele serves the governance of CWM as a director. Both churches expressed their appreciation to CWM for the support of CWM’s COVID-19 Gift of Grace to sustain mission and ministry of the churches during the pandemic.

The CWM General Secretary said: “The churches have experienced many challenges and difficulties caused by the pandemic. However, they are also witnessing her power of resilience in the Holy Spirit. The churches are rejuvenating missional activities and planning new mission programmes particularly targeting the vulnerable communities.”

Dr Keum observed, “The churches are also not only recovering the attendees but also church growth both in quality and quantity, including accepting new synods in the central Africa region. Both churches have expressed their strong commitment to the Onesimus Project and other global programmes of the CWM. Lastly, the fellowship and collaboration between the two member churches was remarkable.”

CWM Africa region is in the midst of running a programme of 16 days of activism against violence against women and children, to raise awareness about the rampant scourge of violence in the society.

CWM General Secretary also scouted a new property for the CWM Africa office with Mission Secretary for Social Justice Rev. Dr Sindiso Jele, Rev. Ndebele and Rev. Mpetsheni. In the new programmatic structure, there will be three strategic locations of CWM programme operations: Singapore, London and Johannesburg.

Dated 26 November 2022

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