Council for World Mission (CWM) and Global Institute of Theology (GIT) sign MOU to strengthen theological education and faculty development

by CWM Communications Team

Council for World Mission (CWM) and Global Institute of Theology (GIT)* have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) during a Partnership Consultation held on 8-11 December in Singapore. Aimed at strengthening theological education and advancing studies in mission in the Global South, the event was attended by Dean of the United Graduate School of Theology (UGST), Yonsei University, Prof. Samuel Y. Pang, Assistant Professor of World Christianity and Mission Studies, GIT, Prof. Chammah J. Kaunda, CWM General Secretary Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum, CWM Deputy General Secretary Dr Sudipta Singh, and several GIT and CWM representatives.

Noticing the gradual shift in theological students from Asian and African continents opting to pursue theological studies in their own contexts, this MOU will establish partnership in theological education by facilitating post-graduate and doctoral studies, and facilitate research in the areas of missions, World Christianity, and post-colonial studies.

Welcoming this new milestone, CWM General Secretary noted in his opening remarks, “CWM and GIT are committed to bringing a new model of theological education in the context of the global south. Our partnership will foster ecumenical learning and missional formation beyond borders and provide opportunities for contextual immersion.”

During the UGST Dean’s greetings, Prof Yang said: “Korean churches received so many gifts from all over the world in the past. Yonsei University was founded by American missionaries in 1885. Our partnership is a way to show our appreciation to the global churches.”

Both organisations have identified key areas of partnership in academic theological scholarship, and faculty support. They will therefore collaborate in academic accompaniment for selected students from CWM member churches and ecumenical partners and fostering faculty development in theological institutions in the Global South.

Global Institute of Theology (GIT) is a postgraduate program established in 2015 by Yonsei University as an intellectual response to the shift in the centre of Christianity activities to Asia, Africa, and Latin America. GIT is located at Yonsei International Campus in Songdo, Incheon.

 Dated 12 December 2022

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