Church of Bangladesh (COB) plants nine indigenous churches after 15 years of evangelism work

by CWM Communications Team

Fifteen years of evangelism and economic development efforts by the Church of Bangladesh (COB) in the mountainous district of Khagrachhari have borne fruit, with nine new churches planted to serve the indigenous communities of Marma, Chakma, and Tripura. To address their needs, COB is running primary schools and providing healthcare and clean water supply services in these remote locations, where transportation is difficult and risky, access to development opportunities and essential facilities is limited.

Recently, Rev. Ripon Roy and Rev. Ajoy Ritchil were appointed to provide continuous care for the new churches, supported from catechists in the area. Regular worship, religious festivals, Sunday school, women’s programs, and youth programs are conducted in each church. Prayers are requested for the ongoing care of these new churches.

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