Building Life-Affirming Communities: Face To Face with the many poor and the many faiths in Asia (Face to Face in India)

by Cheon Young Cheol

03 October to 16 November, 2015

Location:   India

The Council for World Mission’s (CWM) Face to Face Programme aims to invite the youth participants in cultural, social, theological and contextual realities for them to understand, to motivate and to engage with the realities on how the fullness of life is being denied to the large majority of the world’s population.

Specifically, the Face to Face Programme is designed for students (not yet ordained) who are preparing for ministry. Participants from around the world will spend seven (7) to eight (8) weeks in the Face to Face Programme location. They will have opportunities to hear and to bear witness to the narratives of the people, as well to encounter diverse theologies, histories, societies, social realities and personal stories.

Read CWM Face to Face Programme Brief 2015

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