Caribbean Region MMF: Will the Church be a movement or institution?

The recently concluded Members’ Mission Forum (MMF) of the Council for World Mission (CWM) Caribbean region was challenged to consider whether the church would be more faithful to its roots as a movement than as an institution.  The charge was delivered by Rev. Norbert Stephens, General Secretary of The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (UCJCI), to the [...]

Scripture and Resistance

Scripture and Resistance contains reflections by authors from East, West, South, and North — on resistance and the Christian scriptures regarding a rainbow of concerns: the colonial legacies of the Bible; the people (especially native and indigenous people) who were subjugated and minoritized for the sake of the Bible; the courage for resistance among ordinary and normal people, and the [...]


The Members’ Mission Forum of the Council for World Mission (CWM) meeting in Blantyre, Malawi, from 19-21 February 2019 has been deeply disturbed to learn of the ongoing ritual killings of persons with albinism (PWA), based on a senseless belief that body parts of persons with albinism bring wealth and good luck.   While this has been highlighted in Malawi, which [...]