A Pastoral Letter

The current discussion by Christian and other religious bodies, whereby consensual sexual relations between male adults is a criminal act punishable by law in 72 countries and carries the death penalty in eight, have prompted me to share with the CWM membership all over the world, something of CWM’s vision of churches as inclusive communities. I think CWM has been [...]

Jesus’ Prayer for Unity

SCRIPTURE: John 17: 20-23 Reflection: Today there are many denominations. The Church splintered through the centuries not only because of doctrinal differences but also due to greed, power, money and other interests. We talk about unity in diversity in unity but unity eludes us. We sheep-steal and harbour rivalries. We need to return Jesus, the centre of the Church, the [...]

Member Church Feature: The Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa (UPCSA)

We are a diverse community of reformed Christians led by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, prayerfully seeking the will of God for our lives together and the world. Our Vision To be a reconciled community of Christians exercising a prophetic witness to Christ.  Our Mission We will proclaim our Triune God in Southern Africa through Bearing witness [...]