Advent Reflections 2019

During Advent, we await God’s incarnation where God was made flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14). These four Sundays before Christmas, we prepare to welcome the coming of Jesus into Mary’s arms, into our hearts, lives and systems. Through this set of Advent resources, we invite you to join us in this journey of peace and justice to not [...]

A tribute to Professor Vuyani Vellem

Council for World Mission has received the news of the passing of Professor Vuyani Vellem with deep sadness. We knew of his illness and were in constant prayer and dialogue with him. We did not anticipate this sudden departure from among us. Rev Dr Vellem was an outstanding gift to the Church, the academia and the ecumenical movement. As a [...]

Call for applications for Face to Face 2020

Applications are open for Building Life-Affirming Communities: Face To Face with the many poor and the many faiths in Asia. This will be held on 30 March to 10 May 2020 and conducted at the India Peace Centre in Nagpur, India. CWM’s six-week Face to Face Programme invites theology students preparing for ministry in different cultural, social and theological contexts to engage with realities on how fullness of life is denied to [...]