An Experience Enlargement for Young People: CWM Internship Programme

by Cheon Young Cheol

CWM Internship is a creative, hands on and innovative opportunity for 21-30 years old to experience between 6-12 months to explore faith alongside work in an international mission organization. As CWM is located in six regions (Pacific, Africa, Europe, Caribbean, East Asia, South Asia) with its main office in Singapore, the Internship will involve opportunities to work in one or more of these locations and so be an excellent opportunity to explore and experience a different culture.

Through the programme, interns develop valuable new skills through cross-cultural experiences and work settings as well as being given opportunities to experience working with CWM teams from Programme, Finance, and Communications, etc. Practical training and mentoring throughout the programme ensure our interns enjoy a well-rounded support for their professional, personal, and spiritual development.

Step into the world of work with an international mission organization, CWM, by sending your completed and endorsed application form to by 12 January 2024.

Applicants should be between 21-30 years old, able to commit to working full-time from 6-12 months. You are required to be from a CWM member church or ecumenical partner, and your application must be endorsed by your church’s General Secretary or Moderator.

Click to download CWM Internship 2024 – Application Form.
Click to download CWM Internship 2024 – Brochure.

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