General Terms and Conditions

All users are presumed to use the site appropriately; however, the Company through its employees or site administrator may control the site in accordance with the policies of the Company, with regards to Communication. The use of website and access thereof shall be subject to the discretion of the owner (the Company) and users are required to abide with the terms and conditions of the site, whether express or implied.

The Company does not represent that any of the data, materials or information whether in writing, video, audio or any other forms of media are appropriate for use or allowed by local laws in all jurisdictions where the site can be accessed.

For the purpose of non-liability, if any of the terms or conditions of this site should be regarded as illegal, invalid or against customary practices in any jurisdiction those terms and conditions are invalid only up to the extent of said terms and conditions are unenforceable and shall be rendered as if it was not included in the conditions. Unless, the intention of the terms shall lend to an absurd interpretation. Any other clauses unaffected shall subsist and will remain in full force and effected and shall continue to be binding and enforceable to all parties.

All users shall abide that by accessing the site, such user shall not distribute on or through any content or material or any other information, obtained voluntarily or involuntarily containing advertising, promotion, solicitation for goods to others. Users of the site shall also not use access and any information obtained to seek solicitation, commit any unlawful activity or any other actions impliedly or expressly not allowed by the Company.

The Company full reserves right at its discretion to change, modify, add or delete in whole or in part of this terms and conditions anytime without assigning any reasons. Changes made shall be effective at the time such changes were made online.

Use of Law

This site shall be governed and construed by the laws of Singapore, notwithstanding this site may be accessible to any part of the world. The website is not intended for any person natural or juridical in any state, in any jurisdiction where for any reason the publication and availability of this site and the contents herein are prohibited.

Access and Use of Site

All users of this website are granted the Company a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited license to access in accordance with these Terms and Use and by accessing the site, they are expressly agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth herein. The Company may terminate this license to access or any form of access to any person, at any time for any reason, without necessarily assigning or explaining the reasons for such termination or limitation of use.

Passwords Cookies and Other Information

Subject to the prevailing laws of Singapore, passwords, cookies and other information warranted and necessary to gain access to the site shall be kept confidential and secured. Information obtained such as passwords, email addresses and other personal information shall be kept only for the purpose of using the website. Any other inactive information or any other accounts opened to our site shall be destroyed (or deleted) subject to the privacy policy of the Company. The Company does not warrant that the Company shall not store any data, cookie or any other information, but such storage shall be at all times, be subjected to protection of individual’s rights, such collection may be automatic in the course of use or access of the site. Any malicious acts of any person in mishandling such data, shall not be the responsibility of the Company, and the latter shall not accept any liability in this area, in whatever form.

Regulations on Postings and Prohibitions

All postings made to the website shall be subjected to scrutiny. Any portion of this site, where interaction is necessary and invited, such postings shall be removed if such postings are contrary to law, public policy, good morals or at the discretion of the site moderator, offensive or does not warrant to be posted online. All users are prohibited to post, distribute, link any message, data, information, text or graphics which are insensitive, contrary to laws, threatening, abusive, defamatory, libelous, and other similar acts. The administrator of the site has an absolute right to remove such postings, with warning or prior notice.

All users shall also use their names, whether alias or other names provided it is not misrepresentation of identity of others or any organisation or company. The administrator reserves its right to remove any user without assigning any reason, or prior notice.

While the site administrator or site moderator shall examine all postings conform to the Company’s standards and are not objectionable to its values and ethos, any posting which might have come or appeared inadvertently shall not be the responsibility of the Company or any employee or staff of CWM. The Company reserves the full right to examine the contents of postings and remove any content found inconsistent with the terms and conditions of the site.

Report of Unlawful Activity

The company reserves the right to investigate complaints or reports of violations to the terms and conditions of use of the site, and to take full action on those complaints and report. Actions against any unlawful activity shall be forwarded to police or any other enforcement agency or any third persons in order to prevent, deter or stop any crime, violation or illegal or undesirable activity. Subject to prevailing laws, all information required by officers shall be disclosed such as but not limited to email addresses, names, usage, posted information/materials, IP addresses, location, and other pertinent information collected.

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