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The purpose of the programme area is to facilitate missiological research and reflection that supports and accompanies member churches in their quest to, clarify theological understanding, see God’s liberating presence, deepen understanding of and engage with God’s mission in the 21st century.

Theological Engagement

In the face of the changing landscape of the 21st century, such as the rise of neo-colonialism, the increasing environmental threat, human trafficking and the growth of Christianity in the non-Western world, means that a new paradigm of mission is necessary and in fact is emerging. Therefore, CWM seeks to engage with the various institutions, exploring what is being produced in such areas within the institutions and regions so as to live out mission in the context of ‘empire.’ The joint theological consultation draws upon the expertise of missiologists, mission educators and theological students to explore the many facets of missiology. Consequently, to promote modules and programmes for the context.
Joint Theological Consultation 2013 – East Asia & Pacific held in Taipei, Taiwan

Joint Theological Consultation 2014 – Europe & Africa held in Cambridge, UK

Joint Theological Consultation 2015 – South Asia & Caribbean to be held in South Asia.

Shaping of Spirituality for Mission

Theological engagement is not confined to theological institutions and also printed materials. This means that there are other expressions to doing theology and spirituality in the light of the issues of ‘empire’ and justice. In other words, CWM seeks to encourage and raise the awareness of arts such as music, poetry and art as medium of expressions of doing theology.
Workshop on Liturgical Music of 21st Century. An International Proclamation through the Art of Music, Kingston, Jamaica in 2014

Collection, Collation and Production of Materials

The histories, stories and experiences of our member churches are critical in the sharing of information, and in the carrying out of their mission and indirectly, CWM’s mission as well. Hence, this ongoing process of research, collection and collation and production of materials is being carried out by the Reflection and Research Programme Area. Publications have been produced and there are others in the pipeline.


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