what we do

The Mission Enabling team works closely with Regional Secretaries journeying with CWM’s members as they develop, implement and evaluate their mission programmes and strategies.  In particular the team is responsible for supporting and resourcing CWM’s strategic priority of enabling members to develop missional congregations, by which we mean developing life-affirming communities in line with CWM’s vision of promoting ‘fullness of life through Christ for all creation’.

The Mission Enabling team does this through the following:

1. In collaboration with the Regional Secretaries accompany member churches in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of their mission programmes with a particular focus on

  • Enabling members to develop missional congregations/life-affirming communities
  • Prioritising and working more intensively with members facing particular challenges and problems that are inhibiting the development of their mission programmes

2. Following on from the above developing and promoting a CWM Mission Toolkit, which can be found on the main CWM website at www.cwmission.org/missiontoolkit/. The toolkit provides resources to assist members and their congregations

  • Develop their understanding of what missional congregations might look like in their context, and
  • Undertake a mission audit and develop effective mission programmes that address the prioritised issues and concerns that arise from their mission audit

3. Facilitate sharing of members’ mission experience, insights and resources through

  • A series of team visits to member churches
  • Sharing in the Regional Roundtable meetings
  • Identifying and promoting best practices
  • Disseminating resources to support the development of missional congregations as life-affirming communities

4. Support the development of new mission initiatives through the Partnership in Transforming Mission Programme, bringing together members from different Regions to collaborate together in developing responses to new mission challenges

5. In conjunction with the Research and Reflection Team, facilitate conversations with member churches and ecumenical partners on the understanding of evangelism, especially in the context of what we are saying about missional congregations as life-affirming communities

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